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I bought over $ 2,800.00 including a titanium t2 regulator for $1,900.00 dollars. My experts examined it and it is not new but a reconditioned with replacement parts. *** great!

Most recently order spear gun. $ 250.00 they charged my credit card got my funds, no product. 1st email...item being pulled from stock, ready to ship. 2nd email, shipment ob back order from manufacture, will ship on this date, 3rd email on back order will ship on new date. 30 days. I send them email I will be leaving on dive trip July 26, need it my then or refund money, I will buy one in Hawaii. 4th email, will arrive August 8th. I sent an email -- read my words I will be gone and please put your name on email so I know who I am talking to. Got email back telling me"that I seem not to understand their words that it is out of stock at the manufacture and they have no control over it." We'll guess what *** wholes, no other vendors charge and spend your money until an item is shipped. You must be thinking you are talking to your wives or girlfriends. You are not. You are speaking to a president of a company. I don't know how you treat customers in California but in ohio we treat customers with respect. The next time I am in California I would like to stop by and explain customer service to you. It is not the "service" like a bull services a cow.

You must have plenty of business but will get none further from me

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To make it Short, RUDE, NO RESPECT, NOT RELIABLE or RESPONSIBLE, NO CUTOMER SERVICE PROVIDED, I would only recommend it , if you are going to walk in. NO WEB Order.

something goes wrong with order, it is never their fault and they DO NOT PUT ANY EFFORT TO MAKE CUSTOMER FEEL BETTER about their mistakes.

I was reffered by good friend of mine to purchase some items I needed for my last min trip "from". I am leaving on Friday and I only had 5 days to get ready for all items.

Monday morning, I started viewing their website. I was pleased with easy process on online and good description on the products sand i did made an order after 1 hour of reviewing and comapring.

I was qualified with free shipment due to the fact the order amount was more than 500 or so. But I had to Put 3day delivery with extra charge to make sure i will be getting it on time.

On thursday , I got the shipment as I expected. I was pleased and I opend the package. and everything was there EXCEPT WET SUIT AND ALSO GLOVE. which is like most important items i needed. Other ones i could have borrowed from friends or buy easy other places. However, missing a Wet suit was very disturbing.

I called immediately and they are telling me it was back ordered and it will be all there by friday 1: 30. I told him that i will pick it up tomorrow. He advised it is okay to pick it up , but to call first prior to leaving.

I called on Friday at 1:00 to confirm. I wa son hold for queit a while and got transffered about 4 -5 times and finally , Dan, Sales person or instructor got on a phone. I asked him if the merchandises are there for pick up and found out glove wont be there till tuesday now.

ok, fine, I told him i will just pick up another glove thats there. But I like to get a refund or credit for the 3 day delivery charge which was $20.00. since i have to drive 3 hour to just pick that up and i have to delay my trip for this mess they made and DIDNT EVEN NOTIFY THE BUYERS. I was Very upset and disturbed the way DAN (sales person) treated me . His Exact word " you already got yours in 3 days and I cannt refund you for what you already got " i asked if i coudl talk to his manager. HE GOES "THERE IS NO MANAGER HERE.YOU CANNT TALK TO ANY ONE HIGHER THAN ME. I WILL BE THE HIGHEST PERSON YOU COULD TALK TO." I asked again if there is any supervisor or owner "He was histerically saying No to me and transffered to another person.


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